June 9, 2010

working and playing and playing while you're supposed to be working

vimeo offline
Dan, Taylor, Julia and yours truly!

Last night was a super fun Vimeo Offline event at SPiN on 23rd st. Many sweet videos were shown, many tasty beverages were consumed, and many games of drunken ping pong happened. Anthony Quintano took the above photo, and many more of the event, which can be seen here.



Blogger Juan said...

hello, this kind of videos should be eliminated, since it is not the right way to do advertisements slandering and insulting people of good will, Srila Bhushana Bhagavata is a spiritual teacher who is only relieving the world with his love, these videos from the user Thefurya have been removed from Youtube and Daily Motion for the same reasons, I ask you to remove it as offensive to all followers of this religion, best regards, god bless you.


July 2, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

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